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Art Matters

Art is an intrinsic part of human experience. Art is not an accessory to our daily existence, it is essential.

Without art we find it more difficult to appreciate the world of others, we struggle to be tolerant of difference, and we fail to nurture those things that bind us together.

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Why Public Art?

The free exchange of ideas and art offers the best chance for us to flourish.

Art is often bought and sold, but its economic worth is far removed from its value or importance.

When we restrict art in exchange for money, we dilute its strength and reach.

Public art - art in all its forms that is free to experience in real or virtual worlds - is vital for us. Through art we meet, we discuss, we debate what it is to be human, what it is that drives us apart, and what it is that brings us together.

Public Art World will include listings of sculptures and paintings that can be found in public places, literature that is free to read, and music that composers and performers are happy for you to hear without charge.

Be an advocate and enthusiast of public art.


Enjoy Art

Public Art World will provide an easy to use directoy of freely accessible art.


Streams and Downloads

Listen to music from composers and performers who have released their work in the public arena.

Visual Art

Physical and Digital

Discover where you can enjoy paintings, drawings and other visual art.


Large Scale

Sculptures & Architecture

Find out where to experience monumental sculptures and archecture in public spaces.


Art Collections

Free to View Galleries

Locate places of cultural interest in the real world and online that provide free to access art.



A Very Short History of Art

We feel joy or sadness: we move, we sing.

Art comes in many forms.

Dance and music erupts from within us, involuntarily, spontaneously - without study or thought.

As we come to know our inner life we make sense of it through marks - on the ground, a wall, or a special surface.

We create tools that help us live more easily - a bowl, a spoon. We shape these to be more pleasurable to our senses.

As we grow, we experience the complexity of the world and think more carefully about it. We use language and narrative to investigate and interrogate. We collaborate in lengthy and ambitious journeys of dance, music, opera, and film.


Who? When? How?

My name is Mike de Sousa and I am a long time supporter and contributor of art that is freely accessible.

My year long invitation to artists and art organizations on this introductory site fell on deaf ears, and so I have decided to move ahead with Public Art World independently. The process of site development has begun, and the commissioning model that allows members of the public to affordably contribute to the creation of new works of art is available as a PDF.

In the meantime you are welcome to enjoy a retrospective of my creative work at 100 Artworks Today.


If you wish to express your interest in Public Art World, please email:

info [at] public art [dot] world

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