About Public Art World


Why Public Art?

Public Art World features art, music, literature, and photography that has been gifted free for all to enjoy, and in perpetuity. The creator of this site, Mike de Sousa, invited others to participate in contributing to this resource for three years through private and public request. When none came forward he decided to continue alone...

Art is an intrinsic part of human experience. Art is not an accessory to our daily existence, it is essential.

Without art we find it more difficult to appreciate the world of others, we struggle to be tolerant of difference, and we fail to nurture those things that bind us together. 

Through art we meet, we discuss, we debate what it is to be human, what it is that drives us apart, and what it is that brings us together.

A Very Short History of Art

Art comes into being as dance and music erupts from within us, involuntarily, spontaneously - without study or thought.

We create tools that help us live more easily - a bowl, a spoon. We shape these to be more pleasurable to our senses. We sculpt.

As we come to know our inner life we make sense of it through words we pass on from person to person, and eventually through marks - on the ground, a wall, or a special surface. We write.

As we grow, we experience the complexity of the world and think more carefully about it. We use language and narrative to investigate and interrogate. We collaborate in lengthy and ambitious journeys of sound, word, and light, through dance, music, and drama.

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Who Built Public Art World?

Mike de Sousa is a content philanthropist who creates social publications, music, and art. In common with his other online publications, Public Art World has been gifted free for all to enjoy, and in perpetuity.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s Mike performed piano and and directed music in his local art centre associated with his college in Hampshire, England. His first music commission in 1982 was for a forty minute flute and piano piece that was performed live with dance, and this foundation led him to work with dancers and choreographers from New York Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Paris Ballet, and London Contemporary Dance Theatre throughout the 1980s and early 1990s.

While continuing to work on his music compositions during the 1990s he created art, and wrote, including the novella The Burial of Georgio S├ínchez which is made freely available at Public Art World.

After directing a major three year long project that culminated in a touring multi-disciplined exhibition in 2000, Mike began publishing his photography, art, music, and writing online, and has continued to build websites that are characterised by their accessibility and enthusiasm for sharing the importance of creativity and the arts as vital in humanity's expression and enrichment of life.

  • Visual Art

    The outcome of creative effort as a means of expression appreciated by sight.



  • Music

    The outcome of creative effort as a means of expression of sound in time, appreciated aurally.



  • Literature

    The outcome of creative effort as a means of expression using meaning and ideas, appreciated through language.



  • Photography

    The outcome of creative effort when recording light with a device and shaping the image as a means of expression appreciated by sight.

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