Alone or With

Alone or With

Being alone is not enough,

Being with is not enough,

The sound of bird and sight of sky is not enough.

The warmth of sun,

The wash of rain,

The scent of pine and taste of fresh baked bread is not enough.

Ideas alone are not enough to quell my doubt and fear

That seeps below the waterline.

No matter what my sensory delight,

What flight of thought I make,

My need remains.

Alone or with,

What is enough?

What sign of hope with darkness trust?

With life: give, love.

. . .

This poem forms part of my collected thoughts 'With and Alone'. The presentation of words on this page is slightly different in that I can offer more space between each line for the heart and mind to pause a little more.

The following link opens the PDF to read and save:

With And Alone

  • Originator :

    Mike de Sousa

  • Art Form :

    Collected Thoughts: Part Poetry, Journal, Biography, Political and Aesthetic Manifesto, Confessional. 648 Pages

  • Completed :


  • Status :

    Free to enjoy at Public Art World and 100 Artworks. May not be used for commercial gain. Copyright maintained.

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