Silence In The Storm of Night

Silence In The Storm of Night

The chatter of my thoughts.

Specks of sound, stashed deep within my mind,

Unheard by all, unfound.

I try my best, and yet.

I pour my most but fail to move the slightest moment of your day.

And so I loose myself to rush of air,

The unseen race of cloud in dark my sky,

The howl of more than hope,

Fill my world this storm of night.

. . .

Gusts of high wind wake me. I start to write. I ponder on my silence in this storm of night.

This poem forms part of the author's collected thoughts WITH AND ALONE.

  • Originator :

    Mike de Sousa

  • Art Form :


  • Completed :


  • Status :

    Free to enjoy at Public Art World. May not be used for commercial gain. Copyright maintained.

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