Those Most Vulnerable Disappear

Those Most Vulnerable Disappear
Those Most Vulnerable Disappear Extract

Those Most Vulnerable Disappear

In times of hardship and war those with few to care for their needs are most at risk.

Empty wheelchairs symbolize the vulnerable who disappear from view. These may equally be the vulnerable of mind and spirit, as those vulnerable in body. Some wheelchairs stand alone, others are bonded together, and some are not recognizable as wheelchairs at all. All are confined by a tightly constrained square space that has no clear sign of nourishment or life except for the faint haze of colour on the surrounding ground. Two wheels at the centre are reshaped into hearts that fall away from one another.

In hardship and war the vulnerable are our greatest gift that give cause to pursue peace, yet also those most easily forgotten.

  • Originator :

    Mike de Sousa

  • Art Form :

    Figurative Art

  • Completed :


  • Status :

    Free to enjoy at Public Art World. May not be used for commercial gain. Copyright maintained.

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